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Outside 2.

There was an interesting finding during this research project experiment. This heart figure, after leaving it on the brick wall was picked up by an older lady. I did not have to wait long, she was walking with a younger woman maybe her daughter or a friend. She did not read the writings on the back of the figure, it seemed like maybe she did not understand the english and hungarian sentences that I have written on the back of the figure. Therefore she might have not understood what this exactly was and very quickly like she was doing something not allowed put the heart in her pocket. I was left with mixed feelings. The reason I wrote on the back of the figure was that people knew this was a free gift for anyone who liked it. I did not want to cause any bad actions or guilt feelings with placing the hearts in the city. Nevertheless, I had experienced something which meant to me a lot. That I am able to make something that might be of relevance to others which was very powerful for me to experience.

Photographs 2022 @NG


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