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Study Statement III.

This Study Statement contains a few additional elements to the Second Study Statement formulated in Unit 1.

Working Title

Exploring nourishing & kind relationship elements with one's self, nature and others as an artistic perspective.

Research Question

I have been asking questions about the need to cultivate healthy human relationships in the last few years. I became interested in investigating the buried dimensions of human relationships, their well-being, and the possibility to regenerate.

Aims and Objectives

My objectives are:

1. To find inspiration to start experimenting with new techniques and tools

2. I aim to explore interesting artists who develop the methods I am currently researching

3. Explore ways how I could connect my life with my small daughter and with my research area of interest and work obligations in order to find interesting insights that could further develop my art practice.

4. Words I wrote down that are for me interesting to explore further: nourishment, harmony, connection, circulating, small moments, physical touch, healing, noticing, kindness, and acceptance.

3. Context (Including Historical, Contemporary, and Theoretical Contexts)

Context including historical, contemporary, and theoretical context can be found in the Research Paper written this semester and can be read at the following link: Research Paper

4. Methodology

Try out materials you aim to use for the "Gift project"

Looking for sites in the city that can be of good representation for the current chosen experiment.

If possible get feedback from the receivers of the gift figures.


The final outcome will be a collection of new artwork chosen to be appropriate for the current research field. Moreover, the knowledge gained from learning a new methodology that is different from the previously used and more established painting and drawing practice. Developing and further understanding the underlying philosophy present in my art practice, and testing the feedback of this new project. Aiming that my new artwork will include some elements I find interesting and can be further developed.

Work Plan:

Third 15 weeks

1 Gaining knowledge and researching the concept of "Gift" and "Gift Giving".

2. Finding artists whose work might contain the possibility of gift giving.

3. Finding new materials to use for the new project.

4. Testing new materials and the size of the figures intended for the project.

5. Documenting the making process of the "Gift".

6. Finding site-specific locations that can be used for the project.

7. Gathering feedback from the receivers of the Gift.

Fourth 15 weeks

1. Making a vast number of new figures that can be further implemented for the "Gift project".

2. Testing new materials in the meantime and developing the heart figures used as a constraint shape for the new artworks.

3. Gathering feedback from the receivers of the Gift.

4. Making handmade books of this journey containing the photographs used during the making process as well as the site-specific allocations taking place. Including the feedback from the receivers of the gift and sharing this journey with others.


Can be found at the end of Study Statement II and Research Paper

Photograph 2022 NG


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