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Letting go is happening around us

There are two ceramic birds in my room and I noticed the shade from my reading lamp bringing them closer together. Yesterday one of my friends sent me an article about a poet who just died, his name is Kabai Lóránt. Besides writing and publishing in various Hungarian literature magazines he was also a visual artist, making graphics and paintings. He was only 46 years old. His friend wrote that although he had difficulties financially and family problems as well, he felt alone. They found in his flat his luggage packed and he was planning to go to Bratislava the capital of Slovakia. His brothers were looking for him for 3 days. His writer friend urges us to think about the collective loneliness that is growing in our societies.

Kabali Lóránt 2013, acrylic on paper, 27×17 cm

Kabai Lóránt Exhibition Missionart Gallery Retrieved November 27, 2022, from


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