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Unit 2 Assessment

Learning Outcome 1.

In this assessment, we were given the task to formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed program of study. (AC Enquiry)

As discussed with my teacher during my second tutorial record I will research the meaning of "Gift" and "Gift giving" and come up with definitions and an implementation method for this project:

The contextual, cultural, philosophical, and contemporary research process conducted during this semester is elaborated on and articulated in the Research Paper which can be found and read at the following link:

Research Paper


I have edited and updated my self-directed program of study, which can be found in the Study Statement:

As a challenging self-directed study, my goal is to carry on keeping a record of the processes, thoughts, actions, decisions, successes, and failures I am encountering along the way. Through the process of reviewing my own development and evaluating my efforts, new actions and decisions are made again and again.

Learning Outcome 2

The Second phase of this Assessment consists of critically engaging with practice-based research and contributing actively to debate and discussion (AC Process)

My ongoing research has taken me to artists' work or a story or their life, that have shaped my current artwork-making process:

Mending cracked sidewalks:

Chagall's mosaic works:

Madeline Dunahue:

Collective Loneliness:

From analyzing these artists I started making my own interpretation of the chosen project, and have started to experiment:

Experiment 1.:

As I was searching for new materials I realized there are materials I do not wish to use in my project and went on to try to find more natural or recyclable materials. Some of my practice based material searching process can be viewed in the following blog posts:

Material search I.

Material search II.

Material Search III.

Material Search IV.

I went on to further experiment, and formulate a "Gift" figure I can take to the streets. Although I noticed some interesting parts to the figure I assembled it seemed to not as joyful as I hoped it would be. 

Experiment 2:

The main insights and debates emerging from these experimental processes started to come alive. The importance of creating  "timeless" moments in our everyday lives, a cherished memory that is collected by our senses. Therefore strengthening positive human traits such as kindness, peacefulness and creativity. I furthermore decided to try out the glass method I was reading a lot about in these recent months.

Learning Outcome 3

The third phase consists of critically reflecting upon your practice and communicating the understanding of the methodology and context of your developing practice. ( AC Knowledge and Communication)

I have highlighted the artmaking process in the following posts because I decided to select and elaborate on this type of figure-making process for the gift project experiment:

Making process I.

Making process II.

Making process III:

Making process IV:

As a summary of reflecting and evaluating my current art practice, I can highlight the main findings. As I experimented this semester with other methods and have researched various other possibilities I now am contented about the fact that I might be able to extend my painting & drawing practice works with figure works. I believe I still have to learn to develop these figures further, however, I believe I have taken the necessary first steps.

The question I raised at the end of the first semester was what materials to use and how to place those materials together. At the moment I am glad I arrived at the glass and grout technique, I am currently using. After writing the Research Paper on the topic of gift giving and its possible relevance to contemporary artists, I went and placed the figures in the city areas I have thought about going to beforehand. The photographs I have taken on-site can be seen at the following links:

Going Outside I.

Going Outside II.

Going Outside III.

An insight I gained after going through this semester is the discovery of common underlying themes laying underneath all types of artwork I choose to do. I am learning about myself, my flaws and setback, and my aims and intentions. Every project is like holding another mirror and understanding another deeper truth about myself and my relationship with the outside world. I aim to continue this project experiment I have started. Get more feedback from the receivers of these artworks and make many more of them. In the end, I aim to make a handmade book of the photographs taken during this project. I believe there are more findings to discover and I would like to complete this project by making many more figures. I furthermore plan to experiment with more materials and how I could combine materials to make the gifts even more interesting preferably choosing materials that can be recycled or that have already been recycled. Another insight that has meant very much to me happened when I saw people noticing the figures out on the streets. It was a moment where I realized now I am able to make something that might be more than a simple thrown-away object laying on the street. Because I saw how people notice it, and sense something about this object which possibly sends a message that makes them pause for a moment. The way I saw people holding it and then placing the small figures in their pockets was a very meaningful and hopeful moreover emotional moment for me to encounter with. I am glad to have chosen this simple experiment because however simple the shape and act can be it contains deep and human elements that I believe were a valuable step needed to develop further my artmaking practice in the coming months.

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