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Unit 3 Assessment

Learning Outcome 1.

Present evidence of a body of work that demonstrates a systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding (AC Realisation)

Continuing with the „Gift Project”  was a decision I made at the end of Unit 2, therefore during the months of Unit 3 I continued to make the mosaic objects and placed more of them out on the streets of Budapest:


  After viewing the photographs they seem to come alive in a different way having a slightly different meaning at every location. What did not work in some cases was that feedback was missing, so I could not know exactly what happened to some of the figures. I purposely decided to go sometimes to "not as popular" areas of the city. I am also questioning the „usefulness of the Gift object”. Moreover, the grout comes off a little when holding the object in your hands, maybe I need to make slightly larger figures and leave less space between the glass pieces.


I returned to drawing because I would like to make paintings of couples hugging each other or just walking or being together once again. What I noticed is that I developed a real fear because of an expectation that the new paintings have to be much more developed than the ones I have made in the past. Therefore I currently have blocks to paint the second layer on the paintings where the background I have already prepared.

Trying out to use spray paint has been a new technique I started this semester to make a different background for my new painting works:

Learning Outcome 2

Synthesise and critically reflect coherently on your process whilst providing evidence of an active, independent and/or collaborative practice. (AC Process)

Below are highlighted some of my practice-process related blog posts:



Artist research-based posts that have shaped my thinking the most in the past few months:


Leiko Ikemura   :

Brendan Fernandes:

Louise Glück:

Below are artists whom I have met personally and this way I can say that I am not only inspired by their work but also by their personal presence:

Andrea Damp:

Bukta Norbert:

Sandor Szasz:

Learning Outcome 3

Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development ( AC Communication)

Below one can find the link to the video we had to make summarising our current processes, experiments, and practice progress elements during our University studies:


A brief evaluation summary note can be read here in relation to Unit 1 semester practice progress. I started by focusing on painting and drawing on the topic of "Sailing", then experimented with making paper collages following the making of a material collage at the end of Unit 1. In Unit 2 my interest remained at working with new materials I have not worked with before. I came up with the idea of the "Gift Project". I started making figures out of clay, cutting colored glass, and applying grout as a finish. Taking the figures and leaving them on the streets for people who can take them home or give them to someone they care about. My research paper was also written on the topic of Gift giving.

Then in Unit 3, I continued to make the figures and experimented with a few modifications on the small objects. My new experiment was with spray paint in order to make a new type of base for my upcoming painting works. I started sketching couples together which I intend to paint over the backgrounds of my new paintings. I have also started researching the materials that could be used to make a handmade book for the upcoming year-end exhibition.

I have noticed a few connections that can be made after looking through all my blog posts and selecting a few different types of artwork I have made during my studies:

Current plans and goals include to continue making spray paint backgrounds, then painting over them by hand. Continue with the Gift project, trying out other objects: like an egg or the ball, or making small objects of couples hugging each other or ropes that can be found on ships made out of mosaic pieces and doing an installation out of them. Maybe once make something larger like a bench or chains made out of colored glass. How to bring together my practice and all different topics and materials and projects of interest is an ongoing inquiry I am still thinking about today.  

 Some of my most recent ideas are: maybe I could start painting closer snapshots of couples or just one man or many people traveling on boats. Another idea is to paint small details of ropes or hands working and turning a handle for example. 

The common underlying themes of interest remain the same at this moment and could be read as keywords in my thesis written in the previous semester. These keywords are Slowing Down, Reflection, Small Moments, Kindness, Touch, Vulnerability, Mystery, Interconnectedness, Relationships, Community, The Gift & Flow.

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