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Drawing phases

I am making draft drawings before starting to make my painting work. I would like to experiment this time with mixing painting with the stencil and spray paint techniques. I have never tried to use spray paint and stencils before. I am still not sure whether I will use them in my work. I might in the end decide to paint with a brush. I am still interested in small moments of peace, joy, connectivity, touch, and small everyday moments that can heal.

Sometimes I like my drawings when it is the first sketch, which is not proper and done very quickly like a dance movement, I feel sometimes the first sketch has more depth than the end drawing where I feel that wanting to make everything look like in real life takes away something that is present in the first impression. The first moment. That has something kinder and more truth in it compared to the ones as time goes by and the layers get drawn over each other.

I do not like the drawing below it is a phase that is going to disappear as I will draw over it. But it is a task to look at things one does not like... I am thinking about how I will later paint this couple as there are so many options in my head right now.

Photographs, charcoal on paper, 2023 NG


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