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Data Est Defectus

The below exhibition was held at Kiscelli Museum, artworks are made by Csaba Filp. He has made these Shields by himself and the viewer can see only half of these shields in every column. In history these shields were very expensive and they did not only represent fights but also "men's roles" in that era. The shields are all cut into half so even if they are beautiful they are "useless" representing a nice idea which in today's age is by now an impossible but still existing beautiful ideal. The meaning of the title of the exhibition is: "Lack is Given". He has received a well-recognised national award called "Munkácsy Mihány díj" in 2014 for this project.

Further information about this exhibition can be found on his homepage:

The small details of the Shields were very precisely made and curved into the metal:

Today Csaba paints "Meat" bouquets in a Rococo style wreath framing view. These paintings are a satirical observation of today's large food chain's advertising images. Advertising images of meat and other foods that can be found in large supermarket chains are often photoshopped in order to create a hyperrealistic customer-attracting effect. His works are often witty, absurd, and critical.

I made a few photos in his studio this week and what I believe I learned from this studio visit and by working in the studio on my material collage project is that one can do painting as well and other types of artworks in the same studio if you have the right equipment and knowledge of working with them.

2022 Oil paint on canvas, Csaba Filp

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