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Poem by Louise Glück

In recent weeks I have been turning towards poetry and literature because they are different then visual language, yet can reach your soul in ways that I find similar. I am thinking how some stories from different writers can be connected to each other and how some paintings could be connected to books or inspired by them. The Wild Iris is the title of a poem that was written by Louise Glück for her 1992 collection. She writes about themes such as immortality, rebirth and the commonalities of all life forms and draws a parallel between a flower and the human soul.

I just feel this poem is making me think of how death is fearful and one wishes for rebirth, not just in its pure sense but emotional rebirth as well.

Louise Glück “The Wild Iris. (2020, November 20) Available at YouTube:

I have read how the poem was interpreted on a resource: Baldwin, E. (2020, June 30). The Wild Iris By Louise Glück - Poem Analysis. Poem Analysis.


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