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Sandor Szasz

At Budapest Artfactory Sandor Szasz was the artist that helped me the most in the development of my painting works. First I attended the evening classes he held and these opportunities were always very inspiring for me. Later I attended the studios more often and painted there during the days as well whenever I could.

His work I have viewed in the studio many times and his dedication and work ethic and the relationship he has built with other permanent or visiting artists were a major influence and still are for me. When we were assigned to make the 5-minute video project he was the one who said to me why don't I work together with his son Zsombor who is a video enthusiast and although is still in high school but already has the privilege of working on films after school at a real film studio downtown. I believe Zsombor is very talented in spite of his young age and will achieve a lot in the video-making world in the near future.

Here I would like to share two of Sandor Szasz's painting works:

Sándor Szász, Flying Circus, 2016. Mobius Gallery. Retrieved May 26, 2023, from

Sándor Szász, Hannibal Awakening 2017 Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts. Retrieved May 26, 2023, from


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