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Shoe paper and strings

I was thinking lately of my father and how he liked shoes. Especially sport shoes. Once we asked him if he would win on the lottery what would he buy. And he answered: shoes. He opened a small little shoe store in Hungary more than 30 years ago. Then he opened one more and one more until he had many shoe stores. I grew up looking at these sport sneakers. He loved his work and thought about it all day. Now that he is not with us anymore I often think about his legacy. So what happened was while researching the given constraint for this semester which is the "Ship" theme an idea came to me. That the form of the Shoe has some similarities with Boats. It also can take you from one place to another. So I took one of the sneakers and wraped them in paper, covered them with string, and put the laces on them. I am now thinking how could further develop this project.

2022 Shoe , paper and strings @NG


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