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Study Statement Draft

Working Title

I. The message of ships during the pandemic

(II. Exploring human connections in today’s digital age)

2. Aims and Objectives:

My aim with this project is to investigate how ships can be relevant in today’s digital age and what message they can provide. My aim is also to investigate other techniques rather than painting that could open new perspectives and make my topic investigation more interesting and dedicate time to experiment during this research period.

My objectives are:

1. To find inspiration to start experimenting with new techniques and tools

2. To find additional perspectives of the visual presentation of ships rather than a „boat on the sea view”

3. Looking at the process of building ships, collecting interesting material for collage building

4. Since we are writing a blog, I aim to explore interesting artists who still blog on a daily basis

5. Exploring ways how I could connect my life with my small daughter and with my research material and find interesting ways of playfulness and insight to my art practice even as we are present together in our everyday life

6. Collecting poems, looking at boat installations from exhibitions, speaking to other contemporary artists to broaden my perspective of the subject matter given as a working title

3. Context (Including Historical, Contemporary, and Theoretical Contexts):

· Highlighting the history of ship and boat paintings

· Looking at how contemporary artists use vessels in their artworks

· Boatbuilding research to get in touch with the shapes of different vessels

· Boat Installation research

· Collage and montage building research (painting on photography or drawing on the research)

4: Methodology:

Writing down my most relevant findings from the chosen University Library databases and Google Scholar search engines

Keeping the vast majority of artworks on my computer and external hardware as well.

Speaking with Hungarian contemporary artists, taking notes, and researching the work of recommended artists

Contacting museums and finding recent exhibitions, artist installations relevant to my work, then applying various new tools to my current work

Finding ways of a contemporary visual presentation of an old symbol and finding new meanings to this symbol

5. Outcomes:

The final outcome will be a collection of new drawings paintings and collages and mixed media work of the chosen field.

Hoping that new findings will show up as new elements in my practice that will contain material that I find interesting and that can be even further developed.

6. Work Plan:

First 15 weeks

1. Collect relevant historical paintings of boats and sailing ships

2. Collect photographs of boat building processes

3. Start with drawing and sketching

4. Then move to collage making or different process-based painting techniques

5. Research installations of boats or sculptures

6. Research poetry, film scenes, and songs that you find inspiring

7. Changing viewpoints, looking down on a ship, standing in the front of the ship, and looking ahead

8. Checking different types of sailing canvases and sailing ropes and other tools used during the sailing journeys

Second 15 weeks

1. Looking at old boats standing out of the water, either being built or old ones

2. Looking at videos of how large ships are torn apart

3. Looking at ships at night (changing daytime light and looking at nighttime lights)

4. Looking at boats as symbols used throughout history

5. Looking at boat propellers and drawing them

6. Looking at the shades and reflection of boats on the water

7. Exploring the symbol of boats and death and longing

8. Experiment with photoshop to make a print that can be used on an everyday object

9. Experiment with mosaics

10. Using my own photos for collage and montage making

Third 15 weeks

1. History of Human Hugs in paintings and photography

2. Looking at the shades and reflections of humans

3. Sketching humans and exploring the same techniques I used with boats

Fourth 15 weeks

1. Making collages and montages exploring human touch and connectedness

2. Making paintings exploring the subject of human connection

7. Bibliography:

· Talking directly to artist Csaba Filp, and Bukta Norbert

· Looking at Kaspar David Friedrich Ship

· William Turner paintings

· Nemi lake ships

· The sinking warship of Saint Steven King of Hungary

· Reading blogs of hungerian artists Váli Dezső and Csiszér Zsuzsi

· Reading blogs of my peers and former student

· Reading blogs of established artists in other countries

· Looking at boats used in paintings of Hungarian painters in history

· Finding the film where Robert Redford remains alone on a ship

· Looking at different boat types used by contemporary painters

· Ask Hungaria Kunsthalle about the Italian artist making a boat installation during a recent exhibition

· Looking at Tolnai Imre’s work where he used an Old boat for his exhibition installation

· Reading about Ai Weiwei’s boat installation

· Checking montages of Hungarian artist Vajda Lajos

Latency painting 2020 Nora Gem


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