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I was walking through the streets around my home and noticed this tree by a fence. Probably the wind or a storm must have pushed it towards this wall. I was looking at how it adapted to this event. I love to look at old trees. They have witnessed so much history around us. In our last lecture we were talking in pairs about how forests and trees communicate with each other through a network of mushrooms living together with them. If you take a tree from another country and place it next to a tree from a different country they do not communicate with each other. We even looked at an electrical device that was able to measure and produce sounds as the cords were installed on a mushroom to measure the fluid variations and movements in the mushroom. In the below picture that I made, the contrasts of men-made elements and nature adopting and living together with them can be more increasingly felt. I became interested in material differences put next to each other and the message they carry when this difference is magnified.

Photograph 2022 NG


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