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Brendan Fernandes

I have viewed and am currently thinking about an interview made with Brendan Fernandes on Louisiana Channel. He originally was a dancer before turning to be a Visual Artist and is currently living in Canada. Dancing and dancers represent the huge amount of physical labor one imagines and notices being part of the artwork. A large part of his work is related to community and collaboration. As usually not an option in the traditional ballet field, where usually dancers are told what to do, he mentioned that dancers are allowed to make choices in their work.

It was interesting to me as he talked about dancing and dancers as dance has always been a very dear movement form in my life. I have always felt I never have enough time to dance, even though it has such a huge benefit to the body and mind I believe. Brendan talks about the fact that dance is never the same, even if it is ballet. When making a performance you never know what is going to happen.

He also mentioned that he believes dance can be a means of protest, and he believes his work has often elements of protest included. He believes a form of protest can be other than marching down the street even though he engages in that type of protest on occasion as well.

In order for someone to become a good dancer mastery of the body is necessary and hard labor for the dancers is an essential part of the process to achieve that level.

In his work, one can notice a lot of "falling and getting up again", embracing vulnerability, and then to act of standing up to take action again.

His hopes and aim for people viewing his work is to find solidarity and a new form of existence. Keywords for his work include inclusivity, space, and collaboration.

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