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Bukta Norbert

I have been drawing since I was a child, however, there has been 10 years in my life between age 9 and 19 when competitive sport training and studying for school took up most of my time. I returned to drawing after I had a sports injury and had to wait for recovery. I never thought of art being something I could do as a "main activity" but I noticed through my 20s that it was something I just kept returning to and after a while I said to myself okay there is something here that I cannot ignore or "sweep under the carpet" anymore. I decided to develop my drawing skills and found a drawing school that prepares students for University studies. I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning when I was surrounded with much younger students who were still in high school. But I had a wonderful teacher who was always finding a way to make us laugh and also influenced me to take drawing more seriously. Bukta Norbert graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. It was inspiring to see that he was active besides teaching us and was preparing for an exhibition at the same time as teaching us as well. I could see his drafts sometimes in the room or pieces of objects he was experimenting with. He always encouraged us to visit other artists' exhibitions and talked not only about visual arts but also music and the way we live or relate to others.

Here I selected a few of his artworks to look at:

Én Vagyok Az. A Test Epifániája II. (Translation: I am THE. The Epiphany of the Body II.) − Bukta Norbert - Óbuda Gallery Retrieved May 26, 2023, from

Bukta Norbert - A Test Epifaniája - Lét Mutatás - Végjáték ( Translation: Epiphany if the Body - Evidence of Presence - Exeunt ) Gallery Vízivárosi (2018). Retrieved May 26, 2023, from


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