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Connections Noticed

I noticed that I have taken photographs of flowers laying on the ground a year ago and then when I made the spray paint experiment there I also selected grass and leaves and left them on the canvas. This was not thought out I just noticed as I was going through photos I have made over the previous two years.

When thinking about connections between paintings of couples and paintings of sailing boats I have realized that when the sailing boats are organized in the company of other sailing boats one could think of them as "humans" next to each other. I used to imagine when painting boats next to each other as they have a "soul" and symbolize peaceful human relationships.

I observed a shape similarity that was not intended or thought out previously which is that the heart shape's front and side curve possess some similarities with the sailing boats' front and side curved shape. This insight might be useful in the future as I try to connect my various themes and different type of project work.

As a preparation before making the handmade book, I noticed that the one I preferred and took a photograph of as an inspiration also contains ropes like there can be found on the sailing boat.

Painting, drawings, photographs taken 2021-2023 , NG


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