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Figuring out

I am figuring out how to paint the figures I have sketched on paper as a draft on the canvases I have already made a base for. It is very difficult right now for me to paint because I have this pressure that now that I am in my last semester and have done other type of installation and figure making work now I should be able to paint much better then before. It is very hard for me to continue at the moment because of this constant voice saying "will it be good enough". I know it is not a good question to raise but still it is something I need to somehow lower down and find a more calm but still active part of the process in order for the painting to be more fluid and less rigid. I am thinking how I will do this. I would like to experiement with a new technique which is combining brush strokes with spray paint. One reason is that it will resonate more with the street installation project. Another reason is that I have been planning to try this technique for 3 years and I believe it might help to make the painting more relaxed and dynamic. I have to still buy the spray paint at the moment and the problem with it is that I do not know how to source environmentally friendly spray paint.

Photographs , 2023 , NG


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