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Material Collage building

I visited artist Csaba Filp's studio this week, in order to ask for assistance in building my first material collage. After viewing Kurt Schwitter's life and being inspired by many of his works I have attempted to make a drawing draft for myself for this chosen field of work.

In the studio different materials got grouped: sail canvas, different type of wood panels, copper and metal pieces.

Csaba has the tools and experience with working with the above-mentioned materials and he helped me to cut out the shapes from the metal parts so I could place them on the corkwood panel base.

I was aiming to move away from the traditional "Ship on sea" perspective and use symbols and different materials as well as paint for the work. I plan on finishing the collage this week. I believe it was beneficial to see how I could use different materials for a drawing and am still thinking on whether I would use these materials on a regular basis or not. Wood, metals, canvas and painting definitely bring a collage that is interesting for me to contemplate on.

2022 metal, wood, canvas, painting on corkwood , NG

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