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Material search

I started cutting through this new material and realized that I do not want to use this material.

I prefer working with clay at the moment which is a more natural material. Although for a larger piece it might be useful as it is very light so I made a note to myself that since I already cut the shape I will finish it one day and will think about what materials to cover it with.

Photograph 2022 NG

In the summer I spent many days together with my daughter so I bought small decoration and jewelry-making pieces in a craft store and decided to make a few heart figures together with her. It was a good idea because even if this is not the final material I will select for my project, I could test what size I would prefer and take a look at the color combinations put close to each other.

Photograph, taken by Beatrix Teglasi, 2022

It is interesting and rewarding to work together with a 4-year-old, and one can learn a lot about the logic and selections they make.

This piece looks like a child has made it still it was a great opportunity to test a few things in the process that might become useful in the long run.

Photograph 2022, NG


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