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I visited Gerard Richter's exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery in the fall of 2021. There is a painting named Motorboat which was originally a print advertising from a magazine.

I went to look at the narrative at Kunstmuseum's homepage where I found an interesting sentence:

the question of how painting, with its age-old history, and despite all critique, might be continued in the present: how does one paint after the "death" of painting?

The original photograph was not a private snapshot, however, but a staged image from an advertisement for the Kodak Instamatic camera. Image blur is an important element deployed by Richter to bring out the abstract qualities of the realistic motif.

Gerard Richter: Motorboat 1965 oil in canvas 170cm x 170 cm Kunstmuseum Basel

print: Artmagazin 19. year 2021/ 5.issue page 9.



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