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New experiment II.

I am content that I started making these background experiments because I wanted to try spray paint techniques for over 3 years. I also believe it resonates with my gift project as going out to the streets with my figures one often bumps into Graffiti art on the buildings and underground walls so by combining spray paint on my canvases I make a reference to being out on the streets.

Spraypaint on canvas, 50cm x 40 cm , NG

Here one can see how I started by first spraying a few colors on the canvas. I have next to the painting some grass and leaves I collected on my way to the studio. I found a street where they have yet to cut the grass on the side of the road and I collected these long grass pieces moreover found a nearby bush where I could take a few leaves from.

Screenshot photograph from video made in collaboration with Szasz Zsombor , 2023


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