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Repetitious hours

I have now made myself a routine of making these objects over and over again. I am lucky because each time I can change something small the figure and experiment. Last time I went with coloring the grout to a different color and then pouring it onto the mosaic glass. This time I tried to leave less space for the grout and cut the glass pieces into a slightly larger shape. Furthermore, I left the cold colors this time and only placed warm colors on the shape. Sometimes it feels a little mundane to do so many of these objects. But I feel that it is necessary to do everything by hand. Because when someone holds this form in their hand you can feel that it is imperfect and that time was put into making it. Of course, I assume that with 3D printing and AI becoming more and more present you are able to make this by computers to even as every shape is slightly different if you program it accordingly. Still at this moment in time when someone finds it an assumption can be made that it is hand-crafted by a human being.

I came to realize that there is a form of vulnerability as a subject matter included in this project. The heart, a symbol of love and generally positive feelings attached to it is made with sharp glass pieces over it. Maybe for me it means that opening up your heart takes courage and vulnerability. You can get hurt or hurt someone else if you don't love them in a way that is beneficial for them. Also, I feel like I am leaving memories or making memories for people. I was thinking about memorials or paying tributes for someone or something maybe that can also be a subject matter ties somehow to my current "Gift project".

Photographs, 2023 NG


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