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Outside 1.

This heart mosaic figure was sitting on a bench on a street where people usually take their dogs for a walk. On the back of the figures, I have written a few sentences in English and Hungarian on paper which can be taken off easily saying that this is a gift and anyone can take it or give it to someone. I still have to figure out a way to collect photographs of where the figures will end up at. Giving an email address people can send a photograph to might not be the best idea because nowadays many people are reluctant to give out their own email addresses. I feel like a street singer standing out on the street and singing for the passersby. The people do no know I am there but still, it is very interesting for me to watch how people touch and look at these figures. There is a big contrast between the grey cold foggy weather and the colorful glasses shining on the top of the figures. This I find I made on purpose as I want people to feel special when encountering the heart. I believe this can shift them from their everyday routines for a moment and pause. That is what happens. They pause for a second. This small moment they experience is important to me. I believe they feel the human element put into this figure and that it is not made like a machine would make it, it has flaws but this means they can see it was made by hand. The photographs of these hearts serve as a digital print memory of the small moment taking place. The giver, the gift, and the receiver is present at the same time. Then the gift starts moving on its journey and there is a certain flow experienced.

Photographs 2022 @NG


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