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Outside 3.

When I was painting in the studio or organizing an exhibition or talking with people in the studio it was a very different setting. I was inside and the people were usually more or less known to me who came to see my paintings. Now I was walking on the streets. Looking at the people passing by. Thinking about the right place to leave my heart figures. Will they take it? How long would it take for someone to notice it? If nobody wants to take it will the cleaning people take it away at night? As I left this red, green, and white colored piece on the rocks I went on and did not look back for a few seconds. Then I was standing a little further and watching and waiting for what might happen. First, an older man was approaching and looking at the view from the rocks and he did not touch the figure. Then a young couple came and the girl noticed the heart. She picked it up and turned it around and read the sentences written on the back of the heart. She showed it to her boyfriend. They took a photo with the heart and them and the view and then she went on walking and holding the heart in her hand. She was looking at it. Then she went on to meet their friends with around 5-8 people and showed them the figure. They were looking at their phones maybe to find out something about the heart. It was an interesting experience I have not yet encountered and I was feeling both excited and both nervous. I noticed I was questioning myself and trying to understand what the underlying cause for it truly is to want to do this process.

Photographs 2022 @NG


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