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Pieces of Glass

I was thinking of making a small object. A heart is a symbol which is very widely used. I was thinking that Sailing and Human hugs can both represent time given to healing what is broken. In both situations deeper understanding can be gained by either oneself or another person. Glass pieces put together with other materials might interest me. I am still thinking about what material to use underneath the glass. I hope I will be able to make these small objects. I have two hearts in my home which mean a lot to me: one of them I received from my grandmother when I was 9 years old, it is a little broken by now but I still have it with me. Another one is a heart I bought in a village in Hungary I do not know exactly which artist made it, I gave it to my father when he was in Hospital.

I sometimes look at these hearts and carry them around my flat and put them in different rooms. I noticed that my daughter likes to hold these hearts, they might be useful for other people as well somehow if I attempt to make one. I am now thinking about where I could get the materials to start making them.

2022 pencil on paper, NG

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