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Tutorial Record I.

My first one-on-one tutorial on the course was with Jonathan on Wednesday, November 17. We have briefly discussed which direction could be a possibility to explore in more detail for this term. One idea was to elaborate on different figurative topics using painting tools. The other one was to choose one topic, theme and work with different tools and methods on this one chosen topic. I have chosen the second one which means I will explore the theme of "Sailing boats" with painting tools but also other new chosen tools and technology. I am excited about the project and not sure what will come out of it yet. Jonathan has mentioned artist Giorgio Morandi and since then I have read about his life and work which I find very interesting and relevant to my project. He worked a lot with still life objects and his topic was staying the same for many of his paintings.

I have chosen to include here one of his drawings that I find interesting.


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