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Tutorial Record II.

Today (February 2, 2022) I spoke to Jonathan about what could be useful to do until the upcoming Unit 1 Assessment. We have discussed that there are some areas that are useful to explore for my work. Paper collages, although I am not happy with them, were an important part of my experimenting process because they lead me to a material collage that was much more interesting to make. This process also made me meet another artist, Csaba Filp. The dialogue and time spent together was useful for me and I find it important to make myself meet other people more often and spend less time working alone. The drawing I did together with my small daughter was also an important part of my learning because it made me realize how much I like to make things together with her. I could write more in my posts about my feelings towards certain artworks of my own. I could try to make more paper collages by tearing up paper parts or cutting out paper forms more precisely or using the scale difference of various forms.

I am contemplating on painting on top of some of my abstract backgrounds and this idea could be tried out and experimented further. The fact that I wrapped up one of the shoes which were found in my father's sneaker stores can also be implemented further into another form or installation experiment.

2020 Red Rived mixed media on canvas NG


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