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II. Tutorial Record

I had my second Tutorial with Jonathan yesterday, May 25th. We were exploring one idea I had of making various heart sculptures and placing them at various points of the city as a "gift". Anyone can take them or they can be left there and I would go back there to collect them if they still remain at the place I put them. People could do whatever they want with these heart figures. I would try to use different materials and experiment by sticking, and gluing them into the surface of the clay heart while it is still wet.

I could also take photographs of the making process of these "hearts", and take some photographs at the location where I leave them. I could also somehow photograph what happens to these hearts after they were laid down. I was given the recommendation to read a book called The Gift, written by Lewis Hyde. Also to read about the concept of the Craftivist collective. We were touching base on ideas of artists I intend to explore in my research paper including Joan Miro and Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill and Ememem street artists' life and works. We also discussed that maybe I could also write about exploring concepts in my research paper and not only comparing artists. It was interesting to hear that a "Gift" in many cultures means not something to keep, but something that "moves around". I could also try to find and read about people who use their work as a "gift".

It might be interesting onetime in the future to make a handmade book from these photographs.

Photograph, 2022, NG


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