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Letter from a receiver of the "Gift"

I have received an email from somebody that has collected the heart figure I left on the street as part of my "Gift giving" experiment.

In the email, I could read: "Hello I found your heart it is a nice idea I like it so much. The first idea was that I take it home, but then I met the most beautiful girl and changed my idea and gave it to her. I hope she keeps it forever."

I was happy to be able to on the one hand cause a surprise somebody liked, moreover I have witnessed two other interesting actions. One is that the receiver of the gift has sent back an email so by this action he is also doing a "gift" back to the maker of the gift by sending the photograph they have made. Furthermore, the gift was passed on to another person so there can be another form of "circulation of the gift" that can be noticed.

Moreover, they seem glad to have encountered the figure and have a kind smile on the photograph sent to me, which is rewarding to see.

Photograph received in 2022 and edited by NG


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