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Ceramic parts on the table

I was thinking about the different pieces to use for the clay heart figures I have formed. I would like to recycle these old broken ceramics I have found. Some of them are too thick so I need to think about what to do and how to make sense of mending them together. I might need to form a larger clay heart base in order to make them more compatible with each other. But my intention is to make figures that can easily fit into someone's hands so I might choose another material instead of broken ceramics. I have been thinking to try out and use glass because after seeing other artists' work I became more and more interested in working with glass rather than ceramics in this project. The reason behind this decision is that I feel the bright or sometimes pale colors one can see in colored glass material represents and feels closer to my painting background and therefore I must continue to search for materials that resonate more with me in the present.

photograph @NG 2022


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