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Material Collage II.

This week I went back to artist Csaba Filp's Studio and was able to finish my first material collage. What I like about this work is the canvas, different metals and woodwork combined cut and assembled together. The fact that I could move away from the traditional "Ship painting" technique was also an interesting "step" and made me gain a few insights. One was that I realized that I quite enjoyed moving away from the traditional "figure painting" method. The process was also intellectually interesting to think about and the drawing of the draft and planning to get the needed materials for the project was also I believe useful for me to learn about.

An interesting insight came to me on this day which is that my underlying research interest behind my two chosen themes: "Sailing" and "Human Closeness" can also be sensed from putting together different materials and their relationship and closeness to each other also can resonate similar messages that I was trying to achieve by figure painting techniques.

Also what has come out of this project is that I got interested in trying out assembling small stones or maybe even mosaics which mean this area is worth researching even further this year.

We discussed with Jonathan in last week's Tutorial that I could write more about my feelings towards my projects, so I would add what was difficult during this project. It was that I was not painting much or using colors that much this week, so I plan to do both types of artwork side by side to each other and see where this process will take me.

Some discussions during this process were very useful in the studio and the fact that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone of working alone was a good idea. I heard about various Hungarian and International artists as well during this project and took notes in order to read about their work. These artists might be resonating with me based upon this current last work I have done.

metal, wood, canvas, paint on corkwood, NG, 2022


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